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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick Update - Predictions Coming Soon

Hello all. I just wanted to drop a quick post to say that it's been a busy week, but my predictions for the Games will be forthcoming soon, likely this weekend. I'll be estimating the likelihood of each individual athlete winning the whole thing, placing in the top 3 and placing in the money (top 10). The process is a bit more complex than last year, but I think it should be pretty neat.

I'm also curious to see what you guys are thinking about this year's Games. Seems pretty clear that Froning will be the favorite on the men's side, but the women's side is wide open. Feel free to post thoughts to comments here or on my next post, after I make my predictions.

The Games are coming up on us soon (potentially under 2 weeks, depending on when the competition actually starts), and I'm pumped to get out to L.A. to watch. In the meantime, good luck with your training!

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