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Saturday, February 7, 2015

CFG Analysis Podcast - Episode 2 - Open Preview

In today's episode of the CFG Analysis Podcast, I'm joined by fellow CrossFit athlete John Nail to discuss what might be coming up in the 2015 Open.  John and I have worked out together for years and have gone HAM on many a WOD in that time.  John is best known on the site here for his excellent (though generally incorrect) SWAG's during the Open season.

The Pilot Podcast and all future episodes can be found at  or on iTunes.  I'll likely continue to post each new episode of the podcast directly on this site as well.

Also, as you may have noticed below, I'm not so great when it comes to creating artwork on a computer.  If anyone out there is so inclined to create a better image for the podcast, feel free to shoot it my way.  1,400x1,400 in .jpg format, please.

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