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Monday, July 20, 2015

Podcast Episode 12: Games Preview

Today old friend and long-time CrossFitter Alex Punger joins the podcast to chat about the upcoming CrossFit Games. The two discuss the programming so far, which events they'd like to see repeated from the past, whether or not the softball toss should come back (hint: no) and their picks for the Games Pick 'Em.


  1. Just to throw this out here, it would be cool to have next year's picks include the teams. That of course because of interest so high with top athletes opting out of individual. My pick for this year has got to be Invictus after Andersen and Fisher rejoin the squad.

    1. The amount of statistical analysis he puts into the percentages seems nearly impossible for teams, especially if the rosters can be changed after regionals.

  2. Looking back I wish I'd checked out Chad Mckay before it started. He's been three times and never finished worse than 12th. It'll be interesting to see if he can stick it out through the weekend after his quick start. Looking back though he has historically done well in all the swimming events so maybe this is just par for the course with him.

  3. The only real question is... who is joining Kara Webb on the podium?