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2015 CFG Analysis Games Pick 'Em Entries

Updated 7/22/2015, 7 p.m. - FINAL - There was one entry after the Games started, so I apologize but that entry was not counted here.  Please let me know if your entry looks incorrect.  Anyone with an invalid entry (wrong point totals, generally) was still included but I took the liberty of adjusting your entry to be legal.  It looked better if I pasted this as two separate pictures, that's the only reason it looks the way it does - the entries in each picture are equally valid.

A few notes on the picks:
  • The most popular pick is is Mathew Fraser to win (734 points wagered out of 7,400), followed by Kara Webb to win (570) and Dan Bailey to podium (321).
  • Of the six required bets, the most points have been wagered on female podium (1,451), followed by male top 10 (1,327).  Male to podium has the least points (1,111).
  • In total, the points wagered have a potential payoff of 7.72 for men and 10.34 for women.  This means the picks on the women's side have been, on average, a bit riskier than on the men's side.
  • The biggest potential payoff on a single wager in the field would occur if Stacie Tovar finished on the podium, which would pay The Wife 4,310 points.  This would ALMOST guarantee her a victory.  The next-biggest potential payoff on a single wager would be Lucas Parker to podium (4,000 points for JB).
  • Not surprisingly, the entrant with the most potential points is The Wife at a staggering 7,050 (I will have to take her out to dinner if this happens).  Six others have at least 2,000 potential points.  The most conservative entrant is AngieP, with 189 potential points, followed by John Nail at 242.  That doesn't mean these two entrants cannot win, of course.
  • For what it's worth, we had about 25 entrants last year, and the winner (JesseM) had a total payoff of about 6.5x his original wager.  That doesn't mean that type of payoff will be necessary to win this year, but something to keep in mind.


  1. Hi Anders, Still a little confused on whether you are allowing the same athlete to be selected in multiple categories this year? Re: Lance Neumeyer picks for Sigmundsdottir? Thanks.

    1. That's a good catch. I hadn't noticed that Lance's entry had Sigmundsdottir in there twice. That is NOT allowed this year, but the entry form won't prevent you from doing it, so I have to make sure to catch invalid entries. In Lance's case, I'll try to get in touch with him to get his entry modified.


  2. Anders - are you going to be able to publish the final submissions before the beach event starts?

    1. Sorry Nathan, I'm at work today and will post them tonight. If for some reason you believe you submitted and it is not on the list tonight, let me know.

      All entries submitted before 10 a.m. will be counted.